STRIDE E-Newsletter, Fall 2012

Message from the DirectorLily Elefteriadou, Ph.D., Professor & STRIDE Director

Welcome to the first edition of the STRIDE E-Newsletter.  STRIDE is the new U.S. DOT University Transportation Center in the southeast (Region 4). At the beginning of this year, the University of Florida was awarded $3.5 million grant from the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) of the U.S. DOT to lead a consortium of universities, which include Auburn University, Florida International University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our mission is to address transportation-related problems focusing on the southeast US, and to serve as a central point for transportation research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer activities as they relate to the areas of safety, livability and economic competitiveness. Researchers and educators associated with STRIDE will work closely with state departments of transportation, the U.S. DOT and RITA.  The STRIDE consortium’s member State DOTs in the region will provide another $3.5 million in non-federal funds to leverage its resources.  It is expected that STRIDE will contribute to increasing the numbers of graduates entering the transportation workforce - a major goal of the U.S. DOT.

This newsletter will serve to disseminate our news on research progress, educational tools, workforce development and technology transfer activities. The newsletter will be available on the STRIDE website ( and sent via email in spring, summer and fall.

In this newsletter we introduce the STRIDE representatives from each institution in the consortium. These representatives, along with key staff from the University of Florida are the Internal Steering Committee (ISC), which meets on a regular basis to set priorities and discuss various aspects of the STRIDE activities.    In our feature article we introduce our work related to livability and alternative modes of transportation, including pedestrians, bicycles, and transit.  The article discusses the broad area of livability and alternative transportation modes, and provides information about on-going STRIDE projects related to in this area and the researchers involved with those. 

The newsletter also lists the awards and recognition received by STRIDE faculty, staff and students, and provides a look into this past summer’s first STRIDE Transportation Research Internship Program (TRIP), with students participating at UF and FIU.

The last section of the newsletter provides information on events, which include a Transportation Symposium sponsored by the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) University of Florida Student Chapter, scheduled for November 6, 2012 and various K-12 workforce development activities.  For updated information on events and activities, I invite you to visit the STRIDE Center’s website at

I hope you find the STRIDE E-Newsletter informative and useful.  As always, we welcome suggestions, feedback, and collaboration.  Enjoy reading!


Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D., Professor

STRIDE Director

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