• “Linking Rural Development and Transportation Using a Land Use-Transportation Decision Support Tool” to be presented at the 15th TRB National Transportation Planning Applications Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, May 18, Brian J. Morton, Joseph Huegy, and John Poros.
  • INVITED PRESENTATION AT THE ITRANSPORTATION SHOWCASE, THURSDAY MAY 28, ORLANDO, FL. An Interactive Active Traffic Management Platform Using HCM Concepts


Items of Note

  • United States Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx visited the NC State Centennial Campus on February 19 as part of his “Grow America Bus Tour” of the southeast region. The event, organized by ITRE, attracted more than 150 people to hear Secretary Foxx speak on the long-term surface transportation reauthorization bill he is proposing to Congress. View Video.
Mississippi State University offered the following webinars:
  • “Data-Driven Airline Revenue Management under Customer Choice and Sellers Competition,” Xinchang Wang, Georgia Tech., Jan. 27, 2015.
  • Utilizing Relay Points to Improve the Truckload Driving Job, Ricki Ingalls, Oklahoma State University, Feb. 10, 2015.
  • “Process Improvement Applications and Strategies in Healthcare and Transportation”, Brian Smith, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Mar. 3, 2015.