Transportation Safety Symposium: From Research to Practice

April 3, 2013 - Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando

The Transportation Research Center at the University of Florida hosted a day-long symposium titled “Transportation Safety: From Research to Practice” on April 3, 2013, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando. The symposium will featured presentations based on a variety of projects related to transportation safety undertaken by researchers affiliated with the University of Florida. Six PDHs were offered.

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Session 1 - Analysis Techniques
Srinivasan “Highway Safety Manual, Safety Performance Functions, and Project-level Safety Analysis
Haleem and Alluri “Florida's Deployment of SafetyAnalyst
Bejleri “GIS techniques for visualizing and analyzing traffic crashes
Classen “Driving Simulation: Driver fitness of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder vs. Healthy Controls

Session 2 - Data & Tools
Carrick “Traffic Crash Reporting: State of the Practice
Bejleri “Florida Signal Four Analytics – An interactive geo-spatial web-based crash analytical system
Paramygin “Using virtualization to assist in transitioning transportation safety research to practice
Alluri “Data Needs for Highway Safety Manual Implementation in Florida
Harwood “New Tools for Highway Safety Analysis

Session 3 - Vulnerable Populations
Steiner & Lytle “Bicyclists, Pedestrians, Children and School Travel
Classen “Older Drivers: Demographics and tools to detect at-risk older drivers
Srinivasan “Evacuation of Tourists under Hurricane Threats
Aviles-Spadoni “Evacuation Planning for Livestock in a Case of a Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Session 4 - Policy and Practice
Goodknight “Addressing the Highway Safety Problems in Small and Rural Communities
Barker “Florida T2/LTAP Center: From Strong Foundations to New Vistas
Santos “Highway Safety Manuel Implementation Efforts in Florida

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Contact Information:
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Jeri Shell, project manager, UFTI/Florida Transportation Technology Transfer, E-mail: