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Principal Investigator Presentations

Click the link to download a PDF version of the Power Point presentation. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the presenter.

Haitham Al-Deek: Applications of Traffic Signal Priority Technology for Transit Service (TSP)

Sean J. Barbeau: OneBusAway: Sharing Real-time Transit Information via Open-source Software

Guangqing Chi: Gasoline Price Changes and Residential Relocation: Evidence from the American Housing Survey, 1996-2008

Guangqing Chi: The Relative Impact of Highway and Airport Accessibility on Population Change

Arindam Gan Chowdhury: Full-Scale Wall of Wind Testing of Variable Message Signs (VMS) Structures to Develop Drag Coefficients for AASHTO Supports Specifications

Xuehao Chu: The Efficiency of Sampling Techniques for NTD Reporting

Sisinnio Concas: The Effect of Urban Form on Residential Relocation and Non-Work Travel Patterns – A Case of Florida Households

Vivek Ghosal: Location of Automobile Manufacturing Plants, Development of Supply-Chains, and the Effects on Economic Development and Demand for Transportation

Randall Guensler: Building a Sidewalk Inventory and Prioritization System

Mohammed Hadi: Investigation of ATDM Strategies to Reduce the Probability of Breakdown

R. Wesley Henderson: Demand Routing for Intermodal Transportation Networks using a Design-as-Inference Approach

Xia Jin: Traffic Management Centers: Challenges, Best Practices, and Future Plans

Dimitra Michalaka: Florida Minority Occupant Protection Task Force

Amr A. Oloufa: Automated Capture of Freight Origin/Destination Data using License Plate Readers

Daniel Rodriguez: Can Housing and Accessibility Information Influence Residential Location Choice and Travel Behavior? An Experimental Study

Catherine L. Ross: Georgia SPLOST Database and Clearinghouse for Transportation Finance

Lesley Ross: Development of a Naturalistic Study of Driving Across the Lifespan

Bastian Schroeder: Empirically-Based Performance Assessment and Simulation of Pedestrian Behavior at Unsignalized Crossings

Virginia P. Sisiopiku: Impacts of Digital Advertising Billboards on Traffic Safety

Siva Srinivasan: Planning for Incorporating Ancillary Demands in the Next Generation FSUTMS

Ruth Steiner: Quantifying the Costs of School Transportation

Ruth Steiner:
Roundabouts and Access Management

Berrin Tansel: Consequence-Based Route Selection for Hazardous Material Cargo: GIS-Based Time Progression of Environmental Impact Radius of Accidental Spills

Berrin Tansel:
Reducing Service Interruptions in Linear Infrastructure Systems by Synchronizing Schedules for Selected Maintenance Activities

Nasim Uddin: Impact and Feasibility Study of Solutions for Doubling Heavy Vehicles

Eric Vechan: Transportation Network Congestion Mitigation using Dynamic Social Network Analysis

Joel Volinski: Implementation and Outcomes of Fare-Free Transit

Yang Wang: Wireless Bridge Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) System Integrated with Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Capability for Transportation Infrastructure Safety

Phil Winters: Using Mobile Phones to Track Multimodal Travel Behavior: Lessons Learned

Yan Xiao: Performance Measurements of Transportation Systems based on Fine-Grained Data Collected by AVI and AVL Systems

Yafeng Yin: Distributional Impacts of Mileage-based User Fees in Florida


Student Presentations

Click the link to download a PDF version of the Power Point presentation.

Anya Abseen (Second Place): Quantifying Emissions Impacts of a Transportation Improvement Project involving Road Re-alignment and Conversion to a Multi-Lane Roundabout

Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson: Natural Disasters and Linear Infrastructure Management

Hamidreza Asgari, Miguel Lugo: Towards a Holistic Understanding of Quality of Life: An Analysis of Activity Travel Patterns on Non- Mid-week Days

Thomas Chase (First Place): Instrumented Vehicle Study and Microsimulation Models of Pedestrian-Vehicle Interaction at Midblock Crosswalks

Tabitha Combs: Identifying Mobility Gaps in North Carolina Communities: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding the Relationships among Transportation Supplies, Built Environments, and Mobility

Benjamin Felton: Integration of the Incident Command System (ICS) Protocol for Effective Coordination of Multi-Agency Response to Traffic Incidents

Makarand J. Gawade: Influence of Multimodal Network on Public Transit Performance

Phillip Haas: A Comparison of Local Improvements to the Highway Safety Manual Crash Estimation Methods on Two-Lane Highways in Florida

Md Sakoat Hossan: Developing Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Framework

Mohammad Ilbeigi: Development of Risk Management Strategies for State DOTs to Effectively Deal with Volatile Prices of Transportation Construction Materials

Kia Mostaan: Opportunities and Challenges for Expediting Delivery of Transportation Design Build Projects

Rachel Mulholland (Third Place): Women in Transportation: A Model for Job Seeking in the Transportation Industry

Katayoun Salamati: Event-Based Modeling of Driver Yielding Behavior to Pedestrians at Two-Lane Roundabout Approaches

Soheil Sajjadi: Enhancements to Highway Capacity Method to Enable Travel Time Reliability Analysis

Shannon Wittig, Aref Motamedi Lamouki: The Distractibility of Digital Billboards: A Driving Simulator Study

Mahmood Zangui: Differentiated Congestion Pricing of Urban Transportation Networks


Student Posters

Click the link to download a PDF version of the Poster.

Candace Brakewood: An Experiment Evaluating the Impacts of Real-Time Transit Information on Bus Riders in Tampa, Florida

Amy Cavaretta: Examining the Viability of Transportation Development to Reduce Urban Poverty in the Developing World through Accessibility: The Case of Kibera – Nairobi, Kenya

Xuanwu Chen: Applying Pre-preemption of Traffic Signals at Intersections near Railroad Grade Crossing to a Micro-Simulation Model

HyunWoong Cho: Comparative Analysis of Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Managed Lanes

Kathryn Colberg: Real-Time Work Zone Travel Time

Tabitha Combs: Relationships Among BRT Access, Mobility Patterns, and Motorization Pressures among Lower Wealth Households: Evidence from Bogotá, Colombia

David Craft: The Impact of Probe Data Resolution on the Estimation of Stitched Route Travel Times

Ali Darroudi: Advanced Microscopic Simulation Calibration Techniques

Maxim A. Dulebenets: Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety and Prioritizing Model Development

Aaron Greenwood: Effect of Roadside Environment on Diverge Identification in Work Zones

Alice Grossman: Building a Sidewalk Inventory and Prioritization System

Rui Guo: Estimating Benefits of Traffic Signal Retiming in Non-Peak Hours

Rui Guo: Identifying Time-of-Day Breakpoints Based on Non-intrusive Data Collection Platforms

Rui Guo: An investigation of the relationship between mobility and environmental externalities at signalized intersections

Sashikanth Gurram: Characterization of Exposures to Ambient NOX Levels in the Tampa area considering Spatiotemporal Travel Activity Data

Fang (Jerry) He: Optimal Prices of Electricity at Public Charging Stations for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (Under Review)

Briana Hedman:
Organizational Inclusiveness in a Public Transportation Company

Daniel Hester, Aref Motamedi Lamouki: Digital Advertising Billboards and Driver Distraction

Marc A. Howlett: The State of Practice in Metropolitan Freight Planning: Findings from a National Survey

Jiangchuan Hu: Contribution of Cold Starts to Real-world Total Trip Emissions for Light Duty Gasoline Vehicles

Elizabeth Hunter, Shrikanth Mamidipalli: Observational Study and Intercept Survey Approach for Modeling Pedestrian Behavior at Midblock Crosswalks

Bahareh Inanloo, Kollol Shams: GIS Based Air Dispersion Visualization of Spill Incidents from Hazardous Cargo

Amy Ingles: Sustainability Evaluation of Transportation Systems and Neighborhood-Level Developments

Gwen Kash: Expert and Transit Rider Perspectives on Public Transport Reform in Arequipa, Peru

Clark Letter (First Place): Incorporating Probability of Breakdown into Fuzzy Logic Ramp Metering

Miguel Lugo: Study on Utilitarian Walking and Health from Time-Use Survey

Aidin Massahi: Multi-criteria risk management framework for integrated linear infrastructure

Louis Ari Merlin: Changing Accessibility in US Metropolitan Areas

Roosebeh Nowrouzian: Modeling the Effect of Land-Use on Person-Mile-Traveled Using Geographically-Weighted Regression

Seckin Ozkul: Heavy Vehicle Effects on Florida Freeways and Multilane Highways

Prabha (Popa) Pratyaksa (Second Place): Safety Performance Evaluation of Converging Chevron Pavement Markings

Landon Reed: Informing Federal Policy and ITS Requirements

Ben Reibach: Mode Choice Models for Airport Access and Egress Trips

Erica L. Schmidt (Third Place) Development of a Comprehensive Physical, Sensory, and Cognitive Assessment Battery for Driving Safety and Behavior

L. Schmitt: Calibration of the HCM 2010 Single-lane Roundabout Capacity Equations for Georgia Conditions

Shaghayegh Shabanian: Estimating Capacity in Dynamic Traffic Assignment Tools

Kollol Shams, Bahareh Inanloo: Spatial Analysis of Hazardous Cargo Incidents: Time Progression Impact Modeling

Nima Shirmohammadi: Analysis and Design of Tradable Credit Schemes under Uncertainty

Donald Watson: Two-Lane Highway Operations under a Lane Closure

James Wong: Are TMC’s Ready to Buy Traffic Data? A Survey of TMC Managers on Third-party GPS Data

Ruoying Xu: Carpooling Behavior in the Presence of High-Occupancy/Toll Lanes
Examination of Carpooling Behavior on the 95 Express in Miami, Florida

Keaton Zucker: Predicting Career Change in the Transportation Industry


Workforce Development Posters

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Click the link to download a PDF version of the Poster.

Edward Bart & Amber Reep: Transit Manager Certificate Program - An Educational Space of Technology and Innovation

Edward Bart & Amber Reep: Certified Transit Technician Program: Leveraging Technology for State of the Art Training

Kelwyn A. D’Souza & Sharad K. Maheshwari: Interdisciplinary Transportation Education and Workforce Development Modules (ITEWDM)

Eric Heiselt: Family Engineering Night - The Onramp to STEM

Ian E. Hosch, Virginia P. Sisiopiku, & Ordell Smith: Transportation Engineering Workforce Development Programs

James B. Martin & Leslie Washburn: Engineers Change the World - A Handson Workshop for Girls 13-18 Years Old

Dan Pallme: Opening Doors and Minds to Engineering Professions at Many Levels

Amber Reep, Edward Bart, & Lisa Staes: Stakeholder Support for Innovative Workforce Development - Florida's Transit Operator Trainer Training Program

Danielle Soriano: WTS Student Chapter at the University of Florida Transportation Workforce Development

Berrin Tansel, Muhammed Hadi, & Xuanwu Chen: K-12 Workforce Development and Outreach in Transportation Engineering at FIU

Leslie Washburn: STRIDE K-12 Transportation Workforce Development - A Collaborative Effort

Leslie Washburn: LEGO® Robot Vehicle Lesson Plans for Secondary Education: A
Transportation Recruitment Tool


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